Lemonade Bears Benefit begins this Friday, September 19th!

Just a reminder that the Lemonade Bears Benefit begins this Friday, September 19th! I am donating "Mr. Grendle" pictured above ~ the most special One of a Kind Buddha Bear... he's made of hand dyed Schulte cotton (almost impossible to work with) and Schulte mohair. I just love him and hope you do too!

  • The auction will be held on www.bid4bears.com. Similar to eBay, you will need to open your own user account to bid. Please familiarize yourself with the site if you are new to it. All bears will be listed under the user ID Lemonade Bears.

  • Nancy of Lemonade Bears will have Live Help available on the Bid 4 Bears site beginning Thursday during daytime hours, so if you need any last minute help, you can chat with her there. Couldn't be easier!

Thanks in advance for your participation! Let's make this year another great one for
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, raising funds and awareness for childhood cancer.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh peng peng
he is wonderful! i know he will raise alot of $.
you are so wonderful to donate him to such a great cause.

Kingfisher Farm said...

He's adorable! Chub-a-licious!
Some lucky bidder will win him and for no more worthy cause. Kudos to you Peng Peng!

Peng Peng said...

thanks gals! hope the auction is a success :O)