tears of a clown

vintage sock monkey what a week it's been! can't believe it's Friday already. all the sock monkeys ('cept for Kick, whose self-esteem is hanging in the balance) have been shipped and a few have already reached their new homes. as i was packing them up i discovered the sock monkey pinbacks look great on their hats! dunno why that took so long to dawn on me. maybe you've already figured that out ;)

yo yo clown sock monkeyif you'd like to give Kick a loving home, send me an email. trust me, a sobbing sock monkey is not a pleasant sight. i'm spoiling him with chocolate chip banana bread, that seems to help. hold on a sec- what's that Kick? alright... another slice coming up. did you want that toasted or is room temp okay?

gotta go! have a fun weekend :)



Anonymous said...

Awwww!! He's the cutest one!! Bonjour et Au revoir! I'm going to France and will say hi to Kick's brothers when I get there, if I get the chance!!! I think my yahoo got hacked oh non!, Pam

Gustavo Aimar said...

Son hermosos! El payaso es genial!!

Tracy said...

Poor Kick...try giving him a nice banana split. Always cheers me up.