sock monkey party today!!!

vintage sock monkeyswhoa!! it was a whirlwind of orders just minutes after i posted the new monkeys. thank you, thank you, thank you (did i say thank you?) all for adopting them... as readers of my blog know, i've been working on this gang for quite a long while. eating, drinking, and sleeping monkeys, not to mention pom pom delirium! i'm so glad you loved them and that you appreciate my madness :)

as of this moment, there's 3 ONE monkey available. they are *all* special so please don't feel like you're getting the shakings of the bag, lol!

Zoe -tie dyed dolly, which happens to be one of my faves! am i the only one?? (sold)

our good pal Kick - i love his simple classic face. no embellishment necessary. he's got the antique shoe button eyes like the old mohair bears have. jumper made from amazing fabric i've held on to since the 70's (and this is the first time i've sewn with it).
and the funny little man with the stubby arms...Shrimp. you should've seen him trying to tie his tie last night. (sold)

email me if you'd like to adopt these guys! the party is still goin' on :)



Kingfisher Farm said...

Wow!!! Amazing monkies, your best ever!!

Peng Peng said...

thanks P!!!

Grandma62 said...

Love all your monkies