pucker up!

red heel sock monkeyget ready for some monkey kisses!
hope you had a fabulous fourth of july weekend. it was sweltering hot to do much of anything, but i managed to work on special orders and found myself re-doing a tiny bear ear over 4 times (the kind with the floral fabric on front). when that happens it's time to put the mohair down, have a tall cool drink, stretch the legs and work on some monkeys to switch things up. i'm juggling a lot of projects this month, everything seems to be due at the same time, lol! PFATT update is happening in a few days, so i gotta get that done too. don't get me wrong, it's a blessing to be busy doing what i love and july promises to be an exciting month! stay tuned...


Mare said...

I love having lots of projects going at the same time for that very reason. If i need a mindless job i take out the simple crocheted baby blankets or easy loom projects. More involved to keep my mind busy? The patterns that need my attention. On a HOT day like today? Something that will not lay on top of me and make me even warmer...ugh!!!
(can't wait to see the monkeys!)

avoidfireflies said...

Your adorable monkeys inspired me to give my own sock monkey a face lift :) I should have taken before & after photos: he's quite the changed man!