43 freakin' pom poms (!!!)

felted wool pom pomspeng peng was a pom pom making machine the other day! phew, that's a lot of pom poms! they turned out awesome, like wool flowers or weird life forms with tentacles. crazier the better i say! today is crunch time, so i'd best be tending to last minute *details (*that would be felt shoes folks).

tune in to tomorrow's *big sock monkey event* at 12 noon central at www.peng-peng.com!!!
(3 exclamation points!!!)

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Tracy said...

Here's a tongue twister: "Peng Peng produces perfectly patterned pom-poms." :0)

Peng Peng said...


Kingfisher Farm said...

Hahahahahhahaa! at Tracy. TOO TRUE!!! Totalement...Tiens!