dreadlock 2 month update

"dreadlock dollz" photograph by rich beer

i love her look, she's like a real-life raggedy ann ♥

many cultures throughout history wore their hair in locks

well here's my progress at 2 months and 5 days! i stopped brushing my hair august 1st. not a radical difference.. then again it's been so gradual to me. there are 2-3 baby dreads forming in the back. the rest of my hair has separated into noodles, and some shrinkage going on in length. i've decided to go the organic, natural route (aka neglect method) to grow dreads instead of making dreads by backcombing, wax (bad, very bad), twist n' rip or other means. the term "neglect" is misleading because i am caring for my hair of course, but rather it refers to just leaving the hair alone to do its thing.

dreadlock journey the only maintenance i do is washing with all-natural dr. bronners bar soap (peppermint is my fave) about every 3 days. no products whatsoever. oh, and some separating of sections larger than an inch. clean, residue-free hair makes happy dreads! during this awkward in between stage, for going out i just put it up in a loose hair clip in 1 second or fancy it up with a flower clip hair accessory. it will be interesting to see what happens by Christmas! xoxo

Update: see my post on my 6 month dreadlock journeys end.

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Anonymous said...

I personally have found the best thing to wash your dreads, both for obtaining and maintaining them, is baking soda. Leaves no residues, cleans old residues, and is cheap as can be. Follow up with an apple cider vinegar rinse leaving your dreads feeling soft and amazing.