back in the u.s.s.a

rome italy shutters mary frescomarble statue rome italy park fountain rome italyhello! we are back from Hugglets/ London-Rome trip! we explored from Marble Arch, London to marble arches of Rome, Italy. here are few pics from the eternal city... yes, everywhere looks like that; fountains with fresh potable water piped down from the hills via ancient aqueducts, huge old marble sculptures, frescoes/ mosaics, cafes and shops along narrow cobblestone streets. it was our first time there and it was just how i imagined it. yesterday we had a 9+ hour flight from Roma with a 4 hour layover in New Jersey, then a 2 hour flight to Chicago, and finally a cab ride home. we've been on every mode of transportation except a pogo stick! so today we are taking it easy and getting unpacked.

i know you must be eagerly awaiting some Hugglets photos/ show report! i'll tell you all about it tomorrow once i sort through my photos. meantime, enjoy the 2011 festival pics on the Hugglets web site- click on any photo for slide show and see my spirit bear necklace display on photo #27 and me posing with a sock monkey #77.

now for a pot of tea and start reducing the mountain of laundry. more to come! :)


Mare said...

Welcome Home!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Love the fountain photo of you.

Peng Peng said...

thanks! it's good to be back :)

Tracy said...

We want Hugglets pics, we want Hugglets pics, we want Hugglets pics!

(Oh: and welcome home!)

Archie and Melissa said...

welcome home pp!
i am so excited to hear all about your magical trip abroad!