sneak peek: tortie mohair bears

a new OOAK stick bear in wild black/ white tie dye mohair. he's like a black and white cookie! yummy! made for Collins Gifts upcoming 6th annual Artists signing & web show. he will be getting dressed today.

a different tie dyed mohair in tortoise shell black/ white/ with a hint of orange.
made into....

...a pair of "twin" pointy nose bears- each with unique markings. i am loving them already. they will in my web update this week!

i made a nice bundle of prim hang tags when the weather was just right, sunny with minimal wind so they wouldn't blow all over the yard (i found a few astray hang tags under the deck, lol). gotta take advantage of every sunny day we have!

will show you more sneak peeks tomorrow for my spooky-ish web update this week! more cute than scary i promise :)

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