hugglets show report!

before Hugglets, we had a few days to run around London. above: colorful Camden.
antique sewing machines londonthis clothing shop had an enormous window display full of antique sewing machines. we strolled through parks, museums, neighborhoods and Hampstead Heath. but i know what you're really waiting to hear about is the bear show!!!

helloooo from Hugglets!

there i am in the sea of collectors and exhibitors. a large crowd poured in right at opening time!

my spirit bear necklace display, and table neighbors Whittle-le-woods bears from UK.

more bears and mohair fabric galore!

a birds-eye view from the balcony. click on any of the photos to see full size.

Hugglets was by far the largest show we've exhibited at- three floors of bears! the show went really well for us and we hope to return next year. as much as i wanted to see each and every bear (and there were a ton) i hardly left my table. so i sent Rob, my patient show assistant, off to take some pics at opening time. it was wonderful to meet collectors, fellow artists + their assistants, budding bear makers, Felicia the bear scout, Glenn and Irene who put on the show, and...Marsha from Abracadabra after all these years! Chatham Village Bears' Art Rogers and George were also exhibitors- twas they who suggested i exhibit at Hugglets and helped me in so many ways.

*thank you*
special people who adopted bears, elephants, monkeys, pin sets and spirit bears that day! it was a pleasure chatting with you and it really warms my heart to know that people check my web site and blog and follow what i do :) it's amazing how bears connect us from all parts of the world!

if this whetted your appetite for bears, stay tuned... i do have a few special pieces from the show and will be working on fall-themed (spooky, halloween-y) bears to be available for my next web update. i'm aiming for the update to happen by end of this month.

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Tracy said...

Oh, it looks like it was incredible! What a bunch of bears (and people! Wow!) I have to get to a Hugglets someday.

I like the giant Union Jack Doc Marten boot in the first picture. And in your booth, I like the little black bear wearing the orange hat, same style as my pink and blue bears. I may have to beg you for one like him soon...

Peng Peng said...

glad u like the black bear Tracy! yes, you should totally go to Hugglets someday!

Archie and Melissa said...

oh my gosh!
how magical pp!
i so wish i could have gone too!
what great photos!