bounce the bounce

lazy line dry via instructables.com

our handy retractable clothes line in our backyard. got it at home depot.

$5 indoor clothes line via apartmenttherapy.com

DIY indoor clothes line via chez larrson

i am taking a quick sewing break to "vent" about dryer vents. it boggles my mind when temps are 80-90 degrees and neighbors have their air conditioners cranked, while simultaneously heating up clothes in a dryer for 1-2 hours, then rebooting again for another 45 minutes. i hang a queen-sized sheet outside and it's dry in 10 minutes and smells like sunshine. we lived in a condo previously so i understand that some places have by-laws where you're simply not allowed to hang laundry outside, or perhaps you don't have a yard.

here are some easy, cheap solutions to save energy, utilitie$, and above all... put an end to using those toxic, heavily fragranced dryer sheets! bounce those bounce sheets out of your home. btw, hanging clothes indoors during winter helps humidify the house. that's on our project list for fall!

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