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happy national feral cat day! i've saved up these photos of the kitties from our Rome trip just for today :) cats are just everywhere i go, lol! i heard about Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary and made it a point to visit there and was so glad we did. we had a nice long talk with one of the volunteers and said hello to all the cats. the shelter is also a permanent home for a few special-needs cats that were found abandoned.

the adoptable cats are inside the shelter, and the TNR ferals are living outdoors among the ancient city ruins. it was quite a sight to see! all are provided food, care and shelter by dedicated volunteers. Torre Argentina also has a long-distance adoption program to sponsor a cat. thank goodness for cat sanctuaries like this! there are many ways to help the roman kitties, please visit the sanctuary's website www.romancats.com. and tell a friend!

puuuurrrrrrss and hugs xoxo

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