black cloth dolls

this little gal has been on my shelf a few years now. she's a black sock doll i made, still needing hair and proper clothes to suit her personality.. she's temporarily wearing a white doll nightgown, which kinda goes with halloween. you may recall, i made two other black sock dolls in 2009 for the Soul Mates Sock Monkey update:

i just adore the old black cloth dolls, bottle dolls, sock/ stocking dolls, and rag dolls. they just make me smile with all their charm, quirks and individuality. most of all, the great amount of love and skill that went into them.

this amazing group is from the Hatch Collection of Black cloth dolls. i was oh my god-ing looking through their website.

whats not to love?
(a hint of new things to come ♥)


Mare said...

Thank you for posting about these dolls. I LOVE them!

Peng Peng said...

your welcome Mare! glad u enjoyed it!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi pp!
oh i just love the black cloth dolls too!
i am so excited to see what you are creating!