nomadic winter wardrobe

i usually don't talk fashion but folks, i waited all year to bust out this combo: red plaid tartan laces in green vintage dr. martens. so what if i look like a nomadic elf. all second hand of course, wool skirt too. just about everything i wear is thifted/ vintage or handmade, except for underwear, socks, bathing suits and exercise clothes- those gotta be new. i love mix and match colors and patterns, and i think that comes through my work too, yes? some winter wardrobe inspiration here:
tibetans living on the "roof of the world" in american chucks.

i am proud to say i haven't worn my (low self-esteem) parka in 2 years! i just don't feel like myself in it. so i figured out a solution: layered clothes with a sweater, lightweight windbreaker and a long wool poncho over everything + hat, gloves, 1-2 scarves. my neighbor saw me bundled up and said i looked like a tibetan (well, i am half chinese). i'm not a wintery person, so this tibetan look i call my "survival" look. my philosophy is, when the weather is drab go the opposite in clothes :)


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I'm totally of the same mind. Those Tibetan women are gorgeous!

And ever since I had to stop wearing feminine shoes, my whole look has improved--outlook too! I LOVE that color combo!

Kingfisher Farm said...

You're such a radical! You even eschew caps! I think its fun to dress in any way you wish. And I think if we also used less, recycled more, the earth would be cleaner. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah (whoops missed that one, sorry!) to you!

Ani said...

Ooooh, LOVE those green Docs! I dress with lots of color, makes my attitude better. I always get cudos at work on my o/f's, I refuse to be mushed into a corporate look of black or taupe!! Colorful people unite! :0) Happy Wonderful Holidays to you - Ani

Tracy said...

OOooooh: those are undeniably awesome. I would call this the Punk Elf look.

Peng Peng said...

hey, thank you guys!
so i wasn't crazy for going "green" :)
if u ever are looking for used docs there are a ton on ebay!

Studio T i n s e l said...

Nice score on the Doc Martens, PP!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
Merry Merry christmas to you!

m & e