etsy ugly cute team

recently i was invited to join etsy ugly cute team. yay, go team! wouldn't that be a great team sweater? ugly cute in big letters with double zeros. i've always liked toys considered "ugly" or slightly grotesque with an annoying cuteness ie: troll dolls, which i was addicted to, big-eyed Keane waifs similar to these vintage paint-by-numbers sad ballerinas i had long ago:
horrible but compelling aren't they? :) and remember these gems:
at the height of my vintage Russ figures collection, god, i must have had about 40 different ones, and a few rare giant ones. this was way before digital cameras, so i never took pics. i had planned to catalog them somehow like a mini museum book. where was flickr then??

so back to my original thought (: i'm flattered that my tiny Bronwyn twins sculpture was included in etsy ugly cute treasury, curated by darkfaerie. check out all the uglycuteness before it expires!

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