god dam! (thomas dam that is)

do my eyes deceive me? a rare vintage Thomas DAM monkey boy troll?!! where have you been all my life? just take a look at those toes. he fits right into that niche of uglycute. but alas, he does not belong to me.. i spied him on eBay and just had to share him with you. judging by the out of con-troll bidding i'm not the only one who's tickled by him. dam monkey boy troll, dam you.

*ps. i just read this in his description: "but is missing his sailor hat and his pants." now that would have been too much!


Tracy said...

Yep, the bidding is WAY out of con-troll (hee hee!) on this guy...I actually had to unplug my computer for a while to prevent myself from joining in the craziness. He's really a troll treasure. And priced accordingly!!!

Peng Peng said...

its troll madness i say! look away.. look away!