Magical Mushrooms and Candy Castles

The Magical Village is looking for residents! It's a cozy little town located in Imaginationland on the coast of Dream Sea~ a place that will fulfill all your magical living needs. It has a bakery (everything is fat-free), a cobbler, a temple, a weavers, holistic veterinarian, ___add your own wish here. Magical Village dwellings will be available beginning today in the shop!

*sorry I couldn't get the village posted yesterday as planned, we had an unexpected guest which meant house-cleaning frenzy!
**thanks Pam for the phrase "Candy Castles" :o)

Have a marvelous Monday!

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Kingfisher Farm said...

OOOh they are adorable and superb. Gingerbread and frosting and candied plums! I love them all! Pam