Little Green Men

Just 'cos :)

This morning I had my strength-cardio workout by hauling weed and worm covered bricks from the (dark) side of the garage to another where-do-we-put-this heap (ie: next to the soil heap). The goal is to spread the soil heap to level out the area where the bricks were, so we can plant stuff. But that still leaves us with a pile of bricks. I think every yard has this dilemma at some point. Wish there were little green gnomes with a wheel barrel to help us out. Slowly but surely, progress is happening. One brick at at time. :)

Have a lovely Monday!


Deb's~ Beardsley Bears said...

Love all the sweet facial expressions on anything you create!!

KSedlak said...

So that's what the little green men look like. My mother always talked about them when I was growing up, needing that extra help around the house now and then.
They really are oh so cute.