Anyone have a beard trimmer?

Oh that LaTouchables is so LaThoughtful! Dawn of LaTouchables has put together another fabulous Etsy Treasury "Strangely Wunderschon". It features a certain bearded fellow Mr. Marbles. Dawn tells me ol' man Marbles is drawing loving attention. Being the last remaining from my February Buddha Bears to find a home (how sad!), Mr. Marbles certainly is basking in the favorite "hearts" he's racked up~ but really only wishes for a nice forever home to rest his beard (it's getting a little longer every day, poor guy).

If you're handy with a beard trimmer and have just a wee bit of space, perhaps Mr. Marbles can enjoy the rest of spring with you? Hanging out on the deck, sipping margaritas, helping in the garden, that sort of thing.

"Strangely Wunderschon" Treasury expires May 8th (that's tomorrow!) so stop by and enjoy the strange loveliness of the items featured.

Update: this just in! Mr. Marble's is featured in his 2nd Treasury! Has he got mojo or what? This was curated by Mooshoopork (thanks sweetie!), highlighting "Local" sellers~ that would be us midwesterners :)....and Mr. Marbles wanted to express his thanks for all the Etsy hearts, and waves his beard in farewells. He's found a home!

Have a terrific Thursday,


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!

wow! you should win the award for most treasuries!

how exciting! i love all of your new sculptures! :)

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Wow, that's my treasury! It looks great on your page, and I hope Mr Marbles finds someone who will adore him!