A special day for 3 reasons

(my mom Lili, in late-1960's~ i believe pregnant with me under that op-art dress!)

Wishing mom's everywhere a very special, warm and happy day! And that includes mom's to furry babies, animals of all kinds, and plants :) The world needs mom's of all sorts.

Mother's Day also marks the *2 year anniversary of my blog*! Here's a peek of my first post in 2007. How time flies.

And what a surprise! My mini magical mushroom dwelling landed on Etsy's Front Page today! Big hugs to Chyrls for putting together another wonderful Treasury.
It's been a special day already, and I hope yours is too :O)

xoxo, peng peng


Kingfisher Farm said...

Congrats on the front page. Your mama is beautiful. Now I know where you get your looks!! Lucky girl. Pam

theresa said...

Your mom looks so young! And very beautiful~