spring is sprouting

mohair bears red bluesome works in progress for my spring update!
miniature mohair bearshappy spring colors: tulip red, peachy apricot, leafy green, tomato orange, snow cone electric blue ...

hand dyed german mohairand more works in progess in other areas of the house...
our organic veggie garden sprout-lings:

happy tomato sproutsi've been tending over the little peat pots with glee. if the harvest goes well, we'll be doing a lot of canning this fall. the goal is to have enough filled ball mason jars to last us til next spring. it's tomato madness!

will show you more sneak peeks of new bears til i make the official update announcement...which will be very soon.

have a glorious shining spring weekend!

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Wendy said...

Hi PengPeng...Love the colors! Can't wait to see when they are finished. Lucky you, I always wanted to start the seeds for the garden ...but never seem to have the time :( I bet you will have an awesome garden this year!