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DIY ladder shelves by mayalu
DIY ladder shelves, a photo by mayalu on Flickr.
i'm in the midst of a mini-spring cleaning session in my studio, largely due to my recent (and revisited every so often) plastic purge kick. it's unhealthy for us and the environment, yet so difficult to avoid- like the humidifier, brita filter, packaging, computer, phone, car, etc. one thing that's easy to declutter is the plastic storage, at least we can minimize that right? we all have those plastic bins/ containers/ jars/ bags. craft rooms seem to be a magnet for that. well, my quest is to have no more of it! can it be done? yes i say!

inspiration here:

my old roller skate case and 45 rpm record case, perfect for holding various supplies.

most stuff around the house can be repurposed, or found at yard sales + thrifts: glass, wood, wire + wicker baskets, steel tool boxes + lunchboxes, steel file cabinets, small suitcases, recipe card boxes. i'm having fun "naturalizing" the studio, and hope there are some ideas here you can use! happy spring cleaning ♥

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becca jo said...

GORGEOUS!!! i tend to go for tins and metal....cardboard and plastic do have some sway there are some things i just can't find a good replacement for.....