parisian delights + recipe + new print

here's a few belated photos from our trip to Paris/ post-Hugglets. we stayed with our friend Melanie and her 2 cats in her petite apartment.  i know it is SO evil of me to post these pictures of a typical French breakfast...but a healthy alternative follows :) from her neighborhood bakery: fresh croissants, pain chocolat, pain aux raisin, the made-by-the-devil Nutella (spread on crepes, bread), soft brioche (similar to callah here in the states), juice and coffee. the manufactured Nutella isn't very healthy (as i said, made by the devil) plus it has nuts which i'm allergic to...but that chocolately smooth texture had me jonesing to make my own version soon as we got back to chicago.

viola! healthy, vegan, better-than-nutella! i substituted with almonds. made in a matter of minutes. recipe via chocolate covered katie. it is heavenly spread on multigrain or sourdough toast, with a lot less guilt.

the ladies swooned over the macarons at Laduree. the rose & caramel were my favorites. i never had a macaron before, so where a better place than Paris to try my first!
which inspired my new print: elephant eating macarons! there are a few more fun elephant prints now available in my etsy print shop.

enjoy the weekend! it's rain, rain, rainy here. ☂

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