Bunnies on the Moon

 ~Lilac Bunny Carrot Dreaming~

~ Mint Bunny Strawberry Dreaming~

ah ha! so that's why i've been so weepy and emotional this weekend (and today). i'm feeling the effects of a full harvest moon (insert howling here) which marks a dramatic entrance into October. so, Happy October! this month we celebrate my birth, national feral cat day, and halloween. as you can guess, there are projects-a-plenty brewing for October!

back to the topic of moons...above are my "bunny dreaming.." on antique moon map prints, available in my art print shop. you will find them under category archival art prints. i just love the surrealist quality of these.

aaaand.. a big warm hug to everyone who adopted bears from my post-Hugglets/ Fall update on my web site friday! just 1 giraffe and 1 bear are in need of forever homes, possibly yours? i'm taking good care of them in the meantime, ie: many pots of tea, ginger cookies, tucking them in at night while they say a Shirley Temple-esque bedside prayer "one day soon we will find our new homes".

have a lovely October 1st. ❦

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