(here comes the blizzard, right on schedule)
coffee. check. oj. check. bread. check. rice. check. candles. check.
lucky are thoust who live in semi tropical climates! we are bracing for an historic blizzard tonight and tomorrooooowwwww. what the heck is thunder-snow???
  • BLIZZARD WARNING FROM 3 P.M. TUESDAY TO 3 P.M. WEDNESDAY. Light snow flurries from a wintry overcast much of the day. NE winds strengthen 14 to 28 mph. Gusts topping 30 mph before evening. Steady storm snowfall spreads in from the south mid and late afternoon. Full-blown blizzard this evening and tonight. Serious blowing/drifting as gusts build to 40-50 mph. Bursts of thunder-snow and periods with less than a quarter mile visibility. Blizzard or near blizzard conditions persist into Wednesday morning. Totals: 14-22 inches by Wednesday afternoon.
  • Wednesday
    Blizzard conditions start the day (how wonderful!) with heavy accumulating snow and north winds gusting to 50 mph combining to give whiteout conditions in open areas. As snow lets up in Chicago, it intensifies over Indiana later in the day.
let's hope the roof stays on the house! oh, i shouldn't even say that... (what was that creaking sound?) stay warm my fellow wintered folk!


Mare said...

Stay in and stay warm sweetie! We are finishing up a storm today
(6 inches total so far) and tomorrow we get pounded with an expected, additional snowfall of 8-16 inches!!! Record snowfall for us all!I am looking on the bright side-this will make me stay in and get some of my projects finished! :)

Kitty Vane said...

I hope you fare well through the storm!

We had thunder-snow (it's basically a thunder storm except instead of rain you have snow) here a few years back, and it was surreal. We're used to getting lots of snow and snowstorms over here, but that was something new even for us.

Stay safe and warm!