excelsior in wonderland

a bowl of bears

and the case of the hiding yo yo clown.
how's that for surreal sounding?

speaking of... you must check out ALICE, 1988 film by Jan Svankmajer!! its a wonderland adaptation like no other. all stop-motion animation, none of that pixar-computer generated crap. the rabbit is constantly filling himself with excelsior through a tear in his chest. yes. i give it 5 stars. go netflix it! now i must make like a rabbit and start stuffing bears...

p.s. when you see the caterpillar in the movie, think of me. i don't want to give it away..but you'll know what i'm talking about. and please NO google image searches to spoil it!


Tracy said...

Ooooh: pretty colors! I've a feeling these bears are going to be big temptations! And that Alice movie sounds completely trippy: I'll have to check it out. Keep on sewing! :)

Kingfisher Farm said...

Sounds like an interesting movie. I just watched "Séraphine" which won the star role accolades, maybe a Palm d'Or. It's about a painter. I loved it. If you can handle subtitles the film is in French and German.