while she's away

my studio table looks a bit nude without the PFAFF. i dropped her off yesterday at the sewing machine repair place for a tune-up...hopefully that's all she requires, and not new parts. there aren't too many old school sewing machine places in chicago that will work on the vintage industrial machines. lucky for me, this place i found is right across the street from my gym (i mentally noted that day one). it has antique singer machines displayed on the shelves and awesome vintage industrial machines sitting in their original tables. the owner nodded approvingly over my ol' PFAFF and said (in an accent i couldn't place.. greek? italian?) "these are good machines. very good machines". so we'll see how it goes :)

in the meantime:
  • i'm working on a big batch of ebay listings for vintage jewelry that my mom unloaded to me.
  • expecting a shipment of mohair
  • clipping salad daily from the garden
  • surviving the heat without a/c
  • stuffing sock monkeys as they patiently wait for the PFAFF to return.
yes, you read right: sock monkeys! (a not so subtle hint of things to come :)
talk soon...


Wendy Walker {M. E. Bears Since 1994} said...

I adore your colourful creations. And what a cute idea making sock monkeys.
I have found that people who love animals and trees are always the nicest people!
I have my doggies on my blog....as well as other things I have been up to.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
you are always busy creating even without your sewing machine. :)

Jeanne said...

No ac? Are you opening the house up at night and early am and keeping blinds and window shut in daytime?--Jeanne