these made me smile

painted rock at uncas lake, CT

wild slippers caught on camera! person also had a cigarette dangling from mouth and carrying mail, just so you get the full effect :)

two girls; Tuesday and me. although blurry, i think it's sweet. a lot of unplanned similar dressing happened during our trip. my mom and step mom both wore identical colors (complex colors, not just a solid) at my dad's memorial service.

Rob at uncas lake, the place he learned to swim as a child | a balcony view of a beach house in connecticut.

it was an emotional trip out east, to my dad's memorial service in PA and to rob's aging parents in CT. thought our visit was under sad circumstances, there was brightness and laughter too:
  • i caught up with relatives i haven't seen since the 80's
  • had lunch with an hilarious 73 y.o. uncle at a jewish deli
  • helped my mom clear out her closet (for stuff to go into my closet ;)
  • rode bikes along a nature trail and came across an historic silent film studio
  • swam in uncas lake (with my behatted head above water)
  • gazed at stars by the beach
  • kayaked one peaceful sunny morning
  • enjoyed an ice cream cone under the shade of a tree
  • played with an adorable pair of 8 week old kittens
simple moments that bring joy. may our days be filled with them.

p.s. thanks for all your heartfelt comments/ emails/ phone calls/ sympathies about my dad. i am touched and honored to have friends like you.


Kingfisher Farm said...

Your photos always amaze me. Welcome home.

Peng Peng said...

awww, thanks p!! glad to be back :)