It's official...

....summer is over!

Our veggie beer brats, onions/peppers and corn cobs were saved from the elements in a nick of time with a speedy deck door hand off. The s'mores I made indoors ;)
Now what's for dinner tonight? I'm out of ideas and slim on ingredients. Hmmmm... I'll think of something!

We watched the Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night.. Netflix sent us a barely-playable copy that oddly didn't even have a scene selection menu! What's up with that? So when the DVD froze up, we removed the disc, wiped it, and then had to fast forward or rewind to where we left off several times. It was like a 4 hour cinematic ordeal trying to get through it! It was a good film, so I'm glad we watched it even with all the fast forwards/rewinds.

Enjoy your Tuesday evening!

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