Early Christmas Cheer and Siamese Dreams

L-R: Caspar, Dalaigh, Muirgheal
Our little friends are quite excited about Christmas and feel it's never too early for spreading holiday cheer! They're now up in the shop! (update: Caspar + Muirgheal are SOLD)

Be sure to visit their spooky Halloween counterparts... the amazing double-headed Buddha Bear Witch Gnomes! (All the single headed ones are SOLD OUT). I wonder if our Siamese twins are too weird for most? They were inspired by those fabulous vintage 2-headed troll dolls. If you like strange and unusual (as I do) they'd love to bring you double the giggles and double the magic ;) And they promise to only eat a smidgen of chocolate!

Have a fun Tuesday ^-^


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
oh they are all fabulous!

i love all of their colored noses!

Inge Vivianne Galli said...

The Siamese twins look a little weird at first, but then at the second and third look they just kind of grow on you and slowly win hearts with their intense sweet looks! I would say pretty spook-tacular indeed!!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Hugs,