Treasuries and Rainbows

As much as I poke around on Etsy, you'd think I'd know about this, but I had no idea! Vivianne (thanks sweetie) told me that my TADHG Miniature Gnome Buddha Bear sculpture was featured in an Etsy Treasury chosen by myzoetrope (TY myzoetrope!). What a nice surprise on this rainy gray day. And here's the other surprise, courtesy of Mother Nature:

Can you see the full arc? It's a biggie!

Wow! I'm like a crazed tourist whenever I see a rainbow, grabbing for my camera, taking pictures from every angle. Look how far the rainbow's reach is, making everything else look so small. When you step back and look at things, we all are very small in this great universe. Can you tell I've been reading up on astronomy lately? Yep, I'm a star gazer :)

talk soon! xo


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
congratulations on your treasury!
that rainbow is just amazing!


sreetzbears said...

Hi!You are also in another one that was featured on the front page just moments ago.... how wonderful~ ~~congrats!Sharie