Owlies Debut!

(click pic to see it big)

PP Little Owls (the PP stands for Pretty & Painted too :) This debut group is festively colored, and coincidentally quite egg-shaped! I will be listing them a few at a time in my Etsy shop, with more pictures, in the next coming days!

How my owlies come to life:
  • Each is individually hand-sculpted from paper clay, over an internal armature and enclosed weight.
  • They have premium hand blown glass eyes (same I use for teddy bears) or old buttons eyes.
  • Beaks are genuine gemstones.
  • Some are "mosaic" with embedded beads and buttons.
  • Hand painted in artist grade acrylics.
  • Sensitively aged to appear like old relics.
  • Sealed with a UV protective varnish.
  • Artist grade materials used throughout.
  • Signed and dated on the bottom by me.
Hope you like my owl preview! I will send an email announcement when I begin to list them in my Etsy shop.


Kingfisher Farm said...

Oh they are joyful!!! Just what Spring is all about!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my gosh pp!

they are absolutely inspired!

I LOVE them!


K. Grace said...

Gorgeous colors!

jarehares said...

I really like these little guys.

Peng Peng said...

hey thanks everyone!! :O)

Danita said...

they're super sweet!!!