Lost Little Ellie needs a home!

Goodness me! How did this ellie go astray from her herd? Perhaps taking a bit too long at the drinking pool? She'd love to join your herd, and promises to stay close by your side...

"My name is Binah and I'm pleased to meet 'cha!" (sorry, couldn't resist!). Binah measures just 3 1/2" seated but very wide! Hand dyed slate blue Schulte mohair (nice effect with darker backing), hand painted glass eyes, hand dyed pink wool felt foot pads, tiny jointed limbs, very old vintage feedsack neck tie, polyfil/ encased steel BB's for a nice feeling in your hand. One of a kind. $225 USD. SOLD


KSedlak said...

Hi Peng Peng,

This little Ellie is a real cutie and I just love the little afghan he is sitting on. Did you make that too?

I'm so glad he found a home.

Peng Peng said...

aw thanks K! Ellie is sitting on a vintage crochet doile (sp?) type thing. Gosh, i dunno how to knit.. yet!

have a great weekend! :O))