Thank you!

*Big HUGZ* to U all who adopted Sock Monkeys from my update the other day! It was a Tun O' Fun to create them, so I'm glad they are bringing smiles to you as well :O)

Here is my little gal Rosa, master of "the self-tuck-in", napping at 12 noon... what a life! She is tired from watching me working away, LOL!

Maybe we can take a cue from the feline habits and "take-5" for ourselves to relax this weekend too (<__<)

talk again soon... pp


KSedlak said...

Peng, Your Rosa is so sweet. She looks so cozy under the blanket. My Gracie loves to be under blankets and towels when she's napping too.
And for that group of sock monkeys, I don't know how they could get any cuter. They are wonderful and I look forward to my five little darlings to arrive next week.
Thank you
Happy weekend to you too.
Hugs, Karen

Peng Peng said...

who can resist the cat-snuggles? LOL! Especially with the cooler days she likes to burrow.
Enjoy your new monkeys, it was a pleasure to create them!

KSedlak said...

That's a great shot of all the monkeys huddled together. I like the finish you used. It makes them look very antique.

Folksie Linda said...

Oh Peng Peng, Rosa is darling, she looks like a little china doll too- what a life no? Like I always say..if reincarnation is real.. then i want to come back as a well loved cat. Rosa is so sweet! Ozzy is getting better too. his hair is growing and looking much better. He's a real sweet kitty. Hugs, Folksie Linda