Just Crazy Cute!

When I opened my email and saw this pic, i said: OMGaaaaaahhh!! How insanely cute is that set up??!! Look how the knit cap is hanging up on the peg! "Oh, dear me, I forgot the kettle was on.... please sit down while i bring you in some tea and butter cookies!" The mousey friend was created by another artist (name unknownst to me). Big wide hugs to collector A.R. for sending this in :O) love it!


Folksie Linda said...

Oh just so cute! Your bears are so charming Peng Peng! They are adorable... love this little scene!
Hugs, Linda

KSedlak said...

This little house looks so cozy and cute. The little ladies may enjoy an afternoon cup of tea and cookies. Oh, how neighborly that would be.
I love the hat hanging on the peg. Very cute idea.

Peng Peng said...

yes, Isn't is a sweet idea? It makes me want to find a little dolly house for my bears too :O))