Hug o' the Month!

"Helloooo...Can we have all the primates please, ladies and pachyderms get in a group...Little Squirt can you come forward a bit? GREAT! (*click*)

Teddy Bears.. can you congregate along the garden wall there.. PERFECT..give me a big smile.. (*click*)

Now everyone, everyone, gather 'round for the group shot and say... PEANUTBUTTERN'BANANAHONEYSANDWICHES!" (*click*click*click*)

~~Big hugs and round of applause to Carolyn for the PP Hug o' the Month! Thanks for sending in these fun pics!
I always get a kick from seeing your HUGS, so if you want to share pics just send 'em to me!


Kingfisher Farm said...

OMG How stinkin' cute is that??? Pam

Peng Peng said...

Hi Pam, wassup??
Yes, more the merrier i says! :O)))

Folksie Linda said...

This is just too too cute... and lucky too to have all of those!! Lucky, lucky, lucky!!! Hugs, Linda

KSedlak said...

Oh my, what a wonderful variety of bears and monkeys. I just love them all, they are so cute.

Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

That is totally adorable!!! Quite the hug she has there - she's one lucky lady!