Hugglets Show Report

Greetings from stand #53 at Hugglets UK bear festival! thanks to all who stopped by and adopted Peng Peng bears! you made it another fantastic year at Hugglets. i'm holding the largest pointy-nosed hedgie bear i have ever made (adopted).

a day in heaven for arctophiles. people came from all over the world to celebrate bear collecting. it was a pleasure to meet collectors old and new, and to catch up with fellow bear artists and share a laugh. i was able to sneak away from my stand for a few minutes to peruse 3 floors of temptations. as expected, there was a mind-boggling assortment of artist bears, antiques, bear supplies and all things teddy related.

 some funny characters...

and some more funny characters... me with Art Rogers of Chatham Village Bears

many wares for teddies to wear

and signs that rhyme

my favorites are the quirky elder bruins. the one on the right was my fave

antique bears from the Old Bear Company UK. a very sweet balding Merrythought Cheeky pictured center.

bruised and bandaged bears with heaps of personality

this fellow had this teddy bear since he was 5 years old, if i remember correctly. he did all the repairs himself. the face patches are soft poly fleece. i always find it interesting to see the personal bears that folks bring to the show for a teddy bear outing. Hugglets was a magical event and we hope to return in the future. 
 Post-show: after Hugglets we traveled by train to Paris, France to stay with a friend for 4 nights, then took another train to Munich, Germany for 3 nights.. including an excursion to the Barvarian Alps village of Mittenwald. a whirlwind euro-trip for this otherwise self-employed shut-in :P i will post a few pics from our trip in the coming days. my feet are still recovering and i cannot even look at my pair of Doctor Martens without wincing ;} get ready for a pre-halloween/ post-Hugglets bear update by end of this month.


Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

Thanks for the pictures. I always love seeing pictures from this show in-particular.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the virtual tour of Hugglets! I've long wanted to attend: maybe someday!

(And the bears you made for this show are just fabulous!)