March PFATT Marketplace: my dear friend Froggie!

tie dyed sock monkey vintage style

peng peng studio sock monkey bears  spring

spring has arrived! what a mild winter we had... not once did i have to shovel snow (knock on wood, march is not yet over!). out from under the covers and with a spring in his step... may i reintroduce a beloved friend of mine, Froggie! he has been my companion since 2010, a beloved silly little monkey who is seeking to further his horizons. these pics are from a photo session for a british teddy bear mag. Froggie is my special PFATT Marketplace offering for March, being green and all :) he has a wonderful feeling about him, you must hold him to appreciate his full charisma.

see Froggie's PFATT listing here. SOLD, thank you!
have a lovely day!

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