sock monkey = cozy home

december greetings! today is the 10th, which is PFATT marketplace update. this magical month i am offering a delightful old pair of real vintage sock monkeys, Frida and Franklin! they are from my personal collection and have lived with me many years... so i can give them a good reference, lol! IMHO sock monkeys add a touch of cozy + whimsy anywhere you put them. some nice examples below (let's play "spot the monkey"!)

i like the metal baskets idea

from Real Simple mag.. monkeys as wall art. a good way to free up shelf space!

jennifer murphy studio sock monkey
Mr. Peppermints, one of my creations, gracing the ribbon wall in Jennifer Murphy's colorful studio. so flattered! :)

have fun decorating your home with beloved sock monkeys!

*stay tuned for my holiday bear update on my web site next week* have a swell weekend!

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Tracy said...

Oooh: I like the monkeys as wall art. That's a great display idea for a lot of things!