homeward bound...

...under the neon sky.
we made it in late last night from our week long trip out east visiting family.
lots of unpacking and catching up to do.
it's good to be back in chicago (and out of a moving vehicle) though i miss the dark starry skies of connecticut and pennsylvania.
while we were gone, the mammoth sunflower finally bloomed, the green tomatoes were ripening indoors, the BBQ grill blew off the deck from a storm and an aster just uprooted and tumbled away. must've been pretty windy cos i found a leaf in the bathtub!
going to a costume party tonight. have no idea what i'll wear- i always throw stuff together at the last minute. what are your trick or treating plans?
talk soon.. xoxo


Kingfisher Farm said...

I'm passing out candy. I bought skull head suckers when I was in the windy city in the little village. Want some??

Melissa and Emmitt said...

beautiful photos pp!
welcome home!

happy halloween!
m & e