All the world is birthday cake...

Looks like everything outside is covered in pillow-y cake frosting :oP Frosting everywhere, but none to eat! The heavy snow has kept me indoors the past few days... missing my (much needed) gym workouts, and important errands like groceries and the post office. While being cooped up, I've been busy destashing nice bundles of bearmaking materials, etc on eBay... come take a look! Bargains to be had!

Don't forget... the 10th of every month is my PFATT Marketplace offerings! This month's theme is "Winter White". That's all I can say for now. Maybe tomorrow I'll give a sneak peek ;o)

Enjoy your Friday!

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Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
oh that is the perfect thing to do while you are snowed in!

love the cupcake! :)

you are so creative!