No-Sew Sari Curtain

A while back I mentioned on Facebook about my sari curtain project for the bedroom. Well, finally I'm sharing with you the pics and details of this super easy, super cheap DIY project. Above is the before/ after. Sorry about that bed post~ it's a small room, with a queen sized bed!

First thing you'll need is a curtain rod. Nothing fancy here. It's from IKEA and only $1.99! We were looking for a thin metal rod, in white, that was much like the original rods on the windows when we bought this 1920's house. I threw all those away 'cos I was freaked that they may be coated in lead paint. Anyhoo, IKEA IRJA curtain rod set (minus the plastic "teething ring" finials), cut down to size.

For our small room, I wanted to add the illusion of height. So we hung the rod high up on the wall as possible. This allows plenty of room for the sari to drape and pool.

The cafe clips + tie backs are by Allen+Roth from Lowe's. I was so pleased to find these tie backs, as the space is tight and most tie backs stick out too far from the wall. These slim dangle hooks were the perfect solution, and I love the vintage white finish. The tie backs were the most expensive pieces of this project, around $12 a pop.

Okay, now for the fabric! I used 2 sari's I picked up at the thrift shop a few years ago. I layered them together to add privacy, plus the transparent colors create stunning effects. One sari is shorter than the other, but no matter- it still looks great layered.

For each sari:
- Fold in half lengthwise, and cut= now you have a pair of curtains.
- Layer one of each color together, take the raw cut edge and fold a tiny bit into the ring clips.
- Stand back and admire the great job you did!

The beauty of this no-sew curtain is that you can reverse the saris if you get bored, or interchange with different saris. Simple bohemian elegance. How easy was that?

*BTW, it took us 2 years to finally get proper window treatments on that bedroom window (stapled up fabric does NOT count!) :oP


Betsey said...

These look fabulous! I love everything about it...the idea, the fabric, the tie backs, and your willingness to share it here!

Thank you!

Kingfisher Farm said...

So elegant! Next, Peng Peng interiors!

Mare said...

i LOVE it!

Katie Grace said...

Oooooo, very pretty!

Absolutely Small said...

Oooh, these are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing this project. (I just bought a house in need of inexpensive window treatments, so the timing on this is perfect!)

MJ said...

Beautiful curtains! nice article